Monday, March 29, 2010


What will you do when you and your beloved boyfriend or girlfriend facing conflict?
No matter how funny and silly things you are arguing with, the problem is how you let him or her know your opinions and feelings, and he or she won't angry with you or quarrel with you or even just silent.

I think of a way but I am not guarenteed the effectiveness.

Firstly, you must let him have a good time and happy time with you.(*I will use him and won't write him, you just replaced it according to your sexual orientation)

Secondly, you have to let him know that you are Unhappy with some situation or behaviour. Normally he will ask you what's the matter, if not, maybe he read my posted article.

Then, you DescribE your feeling when that happened, and your responds and maybe you also can say the effect of your anger or sadness, like you want to throw something out of window...

After that, you MusT tell him your hope and WhaT you expected from him(usually is behaviour and not LV or Prada). But please be kind, and watch your language and words you want to use.

After all, remember to praise him that you are Happy that he is listening to you and YoU LovE HiM.

Usually he will change a bit but later on he will "recover". Many people may wondering, "Why? Does he lost interest with me?" I would say, you are misunderstand with "What Is Relationship".

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