Monday, February 2, 2009


Today is I have two 1st time,
1stly,I 中了三万快...?!
Do you know what's that mean?
or somebody throw me "三万快"
actually you should read like this,
Today I went to Sungai Nibong Bus Station,
and this is the 1st time i am there.
I get inside there and find a place to park...
I can't find,then i saw a few motorcycle were parked at a "special" place.
I didn't want to park at there so i move to the other side,
suddenly a man who wear "ugly" uniform call me...
I was curious,then he ask,
I thought he just want to check my license,
afterwards he talk"!@#$#%^&*"
I don't remember and I don't want to remember what he said...
He then copy my name ,ic no and plate no....
I am curious whats he write for...
Then I ask him,
"Apa ini??"
He told me"Saman!"
My brain confused and I want to argue for my 1st "Salah",
but later i wake up,
i know it is useless.
"Barka"(Idiot)!!!(I told myself)
You such a stupid person...

My conclusion is,
1. 1st time I saw officer so efficient
2. why don't clearly wrote that other vehicles cannot get inside?
3. why is the lane for other vehicles doesn't mark clearly?
4. Can he just ask my license without telling me he is going to summon me?
5. What is the procedure they have to follow? Can we as citizens know about it?
6. How to notice that does the officers doing their job by following the correct procedure and does they be fair to anybody without etnosentrisme or rasisme?
7. Malaysia Boleh!

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